‘Please take me with you, I’m a gift!’
This is what it says on the tag connected to a little hartpainting with a heART.

hARTkado.NU is a Dutch project, which in English is called heART4free.
For this project I spread little heartpaintings all over the world for people to take with them,
to make YOU happy and bring a smile into your heart.
If you found a little painting, you`re welcome to do with it whatever you wish.
Find a nice place on your wall or pass it on to someone else.
Let`s make this world a better place!
Please tell us what you`ve done with this little gift, I look forward to hear your story.

hARTkado.NU/heART4FREE is a dutch project by visual artist Claudia C. ten Hoeve.
It started in November 2012.
The project is sponsored bij Han Franssen from Allmedical.nl.
Please let me know where this little gift travelled to and leave a reaction with or without a photo at this site (click here) or in de facebookgroup hARTkado.NU (click here).
Thank you very much.





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